FIRE PIT- Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and the false security, I mean warmth of our large fire pit.

Your Haunt Ticket Includes All The Following

The Halloween Hayride

This fun ride will take you on an aeerie ride through Rocky Branches "Dead Woods". Our Halloween Hayride will venture down isolated wooded trails into a twilight-zone of creatures that lurk in the darkness! Stay glued to your seats when passing the Dead Woods Cemetery; fresh new graves seem to be appearing nightly!

The Hillbilly Brewery

Get a laugh when the Halloween Hayride passes through the territory or the Hillbilly Brewery Co. Watch the hilarious high-jinks of these not so scary hillbillies brewing their best shine ever in Possum Squat County. But beware! Their suspicious of revenuers and don't take to kindly to trespassers.

The Haunted Mine

The Haunted Mine is a dark walk through maze with spooky suprises and creatures. When you exit the mine, you'll be greeted by a Ghost Town guide to continue your screaming adventure through Ghost Town.

Ghost Town

Get ready to enter the Funeral Parlor of the Ghost Town Mansion then follow the dark hall into the parlor to give your condolences to the deceased?

Devil's Playground

After exiting the Haunted Mine you'll begin another frightful adventure known as the Devil's playground, so stay close to your group,your trespassing on deadly ground and your guide is the only one that knows the way out! Prepare to run Screaming this Halloween

Monsters Of Hollywood Photo Op

Bring your camera! A Zombie Gunfighter, Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Beetlejuice, Leather Face, Freddy Krueger, Jason and more! Anyone of these monsters may on any given night lurk the grounds of Ghost Town. They're "dying" to have their picture made with you.